History Alive! Presents on Saturday, at 6:00

History hawkinsAlive! Comes to the Ashland Library next Saturday at 6:00!
History comes to light in a visit from Topeka pioneer and Underground Railroad operative, Mary Jane Ritchie.  Mrs. Ritchie transports audiences back in time with programs for students and adults, presented by historian and educator, Anne Hawkins.
Hear stories of successful escapes, as well as brutal losses. But be warned…the dangers are rampant and penalties severe if you are caught breaking the U.S. Fugitive Slave Law!
Fortunately, Mrs. Ritchie can share what help—and hope—is available to you if you undertake this secret work. Learn how you could have participated in the Underground Railroad through Kansas Territory in 1860, as Mrs. Ritchie advises what preparations you would need to turn your homestead into an UGRR station, and what routes to travel if you wished to work as a conductor, transporting slaves to freedom.

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