Ranching South of Dodge City, 1920 to the present

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Jim Arnold

Video of Jim tying hackamore
Jim Arnold Audio 1
Jim Arnold Audio 2
Jim Arnold Interview Transcript

Bill Barby

Barby Ranch
Bill Barby Interview Audio
Bill Barby Interview Transcript

David Bouziden

David Bouziden, Rancher
David Bouziden Interview Audio
David Bouziden Interview Transcript


Carol Davis

Retired Nurse, Vallentine Ranch
Carol Davis Interview Audio 1
Carol Davis Interview Audio 2
Carol Davis Interview Transcript 

Denny Denton

Denton Ranch Co-Owner
Denny Denton Interview Audio
Denny Denton Interview Transcript, edits pending

Mark Gardiner

Gardiner Ranch Co-Owner
Mark Gardiner Interview Audio
Mark Gardiner Interview Transcript, edits pending
Ranch pictures

Roger Giles

Roger Giles Interview Audio
Roger Giles Interview Audio cont.
Interview Transcript, edits pending

Olis Goodnight

Olis Goodnight, Farmer / Rancher
Olis Goodnight Interview Audio
Olis Goodnight Interview Transcript
Olis Goodnight Award

Mike Harden

Rancher and Farmer
Mike Harden Audio Interview
Mike Harden Interview Transcript
Harden Family Photos

Paul Harden

Retired Farmer/Rancher
Paul Harden Interview Audio
Paul Harden Interview Transcript
Harden Farms Pictures


Vernon Howell

Rancher and Geologist
Vernon Howell Audio Interview
Vernon Howell Interview Transcript

Jacque Johnson

Ranch Owner, Retired Weed Director
Jacque Johnson Interview Transcript

Mary Kaltenbach

Mary Kaltenbach Interview Audio
Mary Kaltenbach Interview Transcript
Richard Degnan Covered Wagon
Richard Degnan Horse-drawn Feedwagon

Gilbert Krier

Gilbert Krier Audio
Gilbert Krier Transcript
Krier Ranch Working Chute 70’s
Krier Ranch Chute 2021
Krier Ranch Chute #2 2021

Olis Laupe

Olis Lauppe Interview Audio
Olis Lauppe Interview transcript

Mark & Terri Luckie

Rancher and Banker
Luckie Interview Audio
Luckie Interview Transcript, edits pending

Eldora McMinimy

McMinimy Ranch

John Moore

John Moore Interview Audio
John Moore Interview Transcript

Charlie Mosshart

Charlie Mosshart Interview Audio
Charlie Mosshart Interview Transcript

Larry Park

Cattleman/Livestock Sales Rep
Larry Park Interview Audio 
Larry Park Interview Transcript

Keith Randall

Keith Randall Interview Audio
Keith Randall Interview Transcript

David Redger

David Redger Interview Audio
David Redger Interview Transcript
Redger Family Photos

Frank Reed

Frank Reed Welder
Frank Reed Interview Audio
Frank Reed Interview Transcript

Bessie Seacat

Farm/Ranch Wife
Bessie Seacat Interview Audio
Bessie Seacat Interview Transcript
Bessie Seacat Family Homestead

Shattuck Ranch

Photo by Scott Shattuck

Shattuck Ranch Family:
Kathryn Shattuck Papay of Palisades, NY;
Anne Shattuck Atherton of Salina, KS;
Sarah Bootes Shattuck of Ashland, KS; and
James Scott Shattuck of Dolores, CO.
Shattuck Ranch Transcript
Ranch headquarters, early photo 

Bill Shaw

Feedlot Operator/Community Advocate
Bill Shaw Interview Audio
Bill Shaw Interview Transcript

Oliver Shupe

 Retired Rancher/Farmer
Oliver Shupe Interview Audio
Oliver Shupe Interview Transcript

Frank York

Frank York, Farmer, Rancher, Banker
Frank York Interview Audio
Frank York transcript

Kristin Zemp

Rancher/Mail Carrier
Kristin Zemp Interview Audio
Kristin Zemp Transcript