Clark County’s Response to Covid-19

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Humanities Kansas connects communities with history, traditions, and ideas to strengthen civic life.
We thank HK for underwriting our efforts to record how the coronavirus affected a small community in southwest Kansas.

Visit for further information.  HK is the only organization dedicated to creating, supporting, and promoting the humanities as a resource for all Kansans.

The Ashland City Library is not responsible for content in these interviews. Interviews reflect the thoughts and opinions of those interviewed.

Lindsey Bird, Hospital Clerical Staff
Lindsey Bird Interview
Bill Broadie, Superior Livestock Sales, American Beef Battalion
Bill Broadie Interview Transcript
Bill Broadie Interview Audio

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Nancy Bryant, Library Staff
Nancy Bryant Interview Audio
Nancy Bryant Interview Transcript
Interview Follow-up coming soon!
Ellie Chester, student
Ellie Chester Interview Audio
Ellie Chester Interview Transcript
Sara Chester, Human Resource Assistant for the United States Embassy in Algiers, Algeria
Sara Chester Interview Audio
Sara Chester Interview Transcript
Dr. Kelly Deewall-Shupe: Wife, Mother, Veterinarian
Dr. Kelly Deewall-Shupe Interview Transcript
Lindsey Martin, Bank President
Lindsey Martin, Interview Transcript
Virginia Miller, Bank Clerk
Virginia Miller Interview Audio
Virginia Miller Interview Transcript
Mike McCarty, Rancher
Mike McCarty Interview Audio
Mike McCarty Interview Transcript
Kelly McCarty, Accountant
Kelly McCarty Interview Transcript
Rhonda Swonger, Beautician
Rhonda Swonger Interview Transcript
Gina Palmberg, wife, mother and grandmother
Gina Palmberg Interview audio
Gina Palmberg Interview Transcript
Amy Robinson
Amy Robinson Interview Transcript

Faith Tonne, Librarian
Faith Tonne Interview Audio
Faith Tonne Interview Transcript
Jaimie Wetig, USD 220 Superintendent of Schools
Jaimie Wetig Interview Transcript
Tessa Vanderree, KS-State School of Veterinary Medicine Student
Tessa Vanderree Interview Audio
Tessa Vanderree Interview Transcript

Destiny Lalicker

Gina Palmberg

Kelly McCarty