As I read The Starbuck Fire, Clark County, Kansas, Oral Histories, March 6, 2017, it reminded me this story is best told in a book.


The Starbuck Fire

Clark County, Kansas, Oral Histories, 

March 6, 2017

$49.95 hardcover plus $10 for shipping

Published by Ashland Library, P.O Box 397, Ashland, KS 67831

And those who recorded the story for this book deserve high praise for what they were able to accomplish—having those who were impacted by the Starbuck Fire, a fire two years ago that burned over 700,000 acres in Clark County, to tell their story from their perspective at Ground Zero. More than 70 journal entries were made from 80 interviews in the 577-page book. They included farmers and ranchers, volunteer firefighters, emergency personnel and business owners.